We have been customers since February 1989 and love these products. I am an asthmatic and when introduced to 
my membership I wanted to get the chemicals out of the house to see if it could make a difference.  My health has improved so much, I just carry one inhaler in my purse but can’t remember when I last used it. After using the products I wanted our family to be healthier and that’s how our business began. Last year we became debt free due to our income from just referring others to change stores. We are forever customers!
~ Ginger M

 I'm a busy mom with 3 kids.  When I first looked at changing stores for safe, nontoxic products, it was a no brainer to switch and test drive them.  I simply purchased things as I ran out of the brands I was using from the grocery store.  I was amazed!  I'm saving my time and money and my son's eczema totally disappeared within weeks. I was so excited, I told my mom and some friends, they also are now happy customers...and I get a profit sharing check every month from the store making my monthly shopping FREE!  Beat that Walmart! 
~ Melinda B 

about us

We are a partnership dedicated to impressive customer service with exceptional, safe non-toxic everyday products at an amazing value.
We are from all backgrounds, experiences and generations - dedicated to enhancing the lives of those we touch by helping others reach their goals.

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I want it said of me
by those who knew
me best, that I always plucked a thistle and planted a flower where
I thought a flower
would grow.
~ Abraham Lincoln

Welcome to Hands with Seeds
. - . - . - . - . it's all about happy customers . - . - . - . - .

Our world continues to change rapidly. American consumers; families with kids and pets, people embracing a more sustainable lifestyle, folks with health issues searching for answers, have all become aware of the lack of regulation and protection from known poisons and toxic ingredients in most of the everyday products in their homes. Also, because of changes in our economy and financial system, things we believed would always be there, for ourselves and our family, are no longer certain.

Learn what the United States Chamber of Commerce, Inc. Magazine, USA Today and CNN have said about our 29 year old, award winning company. Billion Dollars+ in Annual Sales. A+ BBB Rating. INC500 Company in the Green, Sustainable Living, Wellness & Eco-Biz Sector. Hands with Seeds is a partnership dedicated to impressive customer service, sharing information about exceptional, safe non-toxic everyday products at an amazing value.

If having a safe, nontoxic home is important to you and your family, take the Is Your Home Safe? self-guided tour above, as a first step to achieving that goal.
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Hands with Seeds also provides a proven way for anyone with a strong work-ethic, from any walk of life or background, to utilize existing skills to earn by giving forward to other people and families. If, after doing your research, you choose this path, we will be your personal coach. Here is what we're not and what you will not do:
NO Inventory - NO Selling Products - NO Taking Orders or Making Deliveries - NO Risk - NOT MLM

Imagine a head hunter called you today and offered you a position in a 29 year old, INC500, debt free American consumer product manufacturing company. A customer service job you could work from home, part time. Your success will follow a proven apprentice plan, mentored by a master who is dedicated to your advancement. Compensation is impressive – incentives, profit sharing, bonuses, car allowance and residual.  Would you take this job?  For info specific to your life, visit GenY or Moms & Dads or Baby Boomers

To ask questions, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Please include your phone number and a good time to call back. You can also call my office @ 608.314.4004 and leave a message with call back number and a good time to call. I promise we will not stalk you. What we will do, is share honest information which may change your life. What you do with that info, is entirely up to you. Looking forward to a great conversation.  Always, Linda & the Partners of Hands with Seeds

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